Cannot add Azure B2C authentication to Asp.Net WebForms application

Dmitriy Reznik 206 Reputation points

I have an Asp.Net 4.7 WebForms legacy application written in Currently it uses Microsoft.AspNet.Identity for authentication. But we need to switch to Azure B2C authentication. I tried to follow various instructions I could find, e.g., but nothing works for me. I cannot even compile the application. Is it even doable for a application?

I created everything needed in Azure, so I have what to add to web.config:

 <!-- Azure AD B2C Settings -->  
 <add key="ida:Tenant" value="" />  
 <add key="ida:ClientId" value="7jg87k77-a45i-9o7d-n123-jggr2y7il777" />  
 <add key="ida:AadInstance" value="{0}/v2.0/.well-known/openid-configuration?p={1}" />  
 <add key="ida:RedirectUri" value="https://localhost:44316/signin-oidc" />  
 <!--<add key="ida:SignUpPolicyId" value="<<signup-policy-name>>" />-->  
 <add key="ida:SignInPolicyId" value="B2C_1_signin" />  
 <!--<add key="ida:UserProfilePolicyId" value="<<editprofile-policy-name>>" />-->  
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  1. Alfredo Revilla (MSFT) 15,886 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Dmitriy Reznik , the github sample works fine. It should work with VB.NET too. If it does not compile, then you need to check for errors on the Visual Studio Error List or MS Build ouput. Finally, replace with https://<B2C TENANT>

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