How do I detect an image using a pre-existing project?

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I want to use the prediction API on a model I have already trained and published online. I understand that in this Quickstart Tutorial for C# that you can create a project and train a model with code. When you create this project through code, it creates an object of type Project where you can find the project ID. Is there any way to get an object of type Project from a pre-existing project? If not, where can I find the "project ID" or "publishedModelName" of my pre-existing project so I can detect with it through API calls?

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  1. romungi-MSFT 27,196 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @zachwalkergames You can use the GetProjects API to get the project details and GetIterations API to get details of published iterations along with the published name through REST API.

    Corresponding SDK client APIs for C# are also documented here for reference. I hope this helps!!

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  1. Rijwan Ansari 706 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Hi @zachwalkergames

    I am not clear with pre-existing project. However, once you have train your model, then you can use existing model i.e. projectid and publishedModelName into any new project or method.


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