Issue in SynapseML when connecting to Azure Form Recognizer

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I am using the following Python code in a SPARK Pool notebook in Azure Synapse Analytics in order to connect to the Azure Form Recognizer service:

from import *
cognitive_service_name = "CognitiveServiceFormRecognizer"
from pyspark.sql.functions import col, flatten, regexp_replace, explode, create_map, lit
emptyDf = spark.createDataFrame([("",)])

listCustomModels = (ListCustomModels()

.withColumn("modelIds", col("models.modelList.modelId"))

But it returns an empty list. However, when I connect to the Form Recognizer via rest API, it returns the list of all models.


I have already asked the question from the SynapseML Github ( No answer!!!!!

Please let me know, what should I do.
Another question: Is there any alternative for SynapseML in Synapse analytics?

Thanks for any help.

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