I want to retrieve Excel data with synapse notebook activity

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In synapse notebook activity, I want to use python to extract only sheets 2-4 in Excel and convert them to CSV files respectively.

I was able to extract only one specific sheet and convert it to a csv file, but I cannot output multiple sheets to a csv file respectively.

Since the Excel file is a macro-enabled file, you cannot use the macro-enabled file unless it is a notebook activity.
For your convenience, you cannot change a macro file to a regular file. So, I would like to know the python code that can convert multiple sheets of Excel into csv files in notebook activity.

I'm sorry that I have not studied enough and it is difficult to understand in the translated English.



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    Hello @NishimuraChinatsu-9854 ,
    Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    As I understand, you want to convert .xlsm -> csv. You want to do this in Python in Synapse notebook. You only want to do some pages of excel.

    Python by itself does not read excel. So you need a library. Synapse comes with pandas library. We are interested in its read_excel. We also need DataFrame.to_csv.

    Code could look something like

    import pandas  
    path = "abfs[s]://file_system_name@account_name.dfs.core.windows.net/file_path/"  
    df = pandas.read_excel(path+"myFile.xlsm", [1,2] )  
    for frame in df:  

    If you do not want to use pandas, I did a search for a library which can do xlsm. pyexcel You will need to do installation to use this library.

    Specifically, alter code example for extracting a sheet from a book.

    Code could look something like

    from pyexcel.cookbook import extract_a_sheet_from_a_book  
    source_filepath = "//data//mybook.xlsm"  
    sheet_names_to_extract = ["Sheet 2", "special sheet number 3"]  
    for sheetname in sheet_names_to_extract:  
        extract_a_sheet_from_a_book(source_filepath, sheetname, "out_"+sheetname+".csv")  

    Code not tested.

    Please do let me if you have any queries.


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