Outlook Calendar List view - Duration field stopped calculating

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Until a few months ago, if we searched in Outlook's Calendar, it switched to List view and showed us the results. In that view we had the "Duration" field visible and Outlook was calculating the time duration of each appointment.

This has stopped working 2-3 months ago, probably after an Office Update. We have an Office 365 E3 subscription with monthly updates set to On.

Our version at this time is: Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2206 Build 16.0.15330.20144) 32-bit

Funny thing is that if we just switch to List view without any filtering, it shows the duration of each appointment, normally.

Is there anyway to make it work again in filtered view or is this a bug?

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  1. Faery Fu-MSFT 15,671 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Matlock67 ,

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    [Activating lagged copies - Summary]

    Issue Symptom:
    Outlook Calendar List view - Duration field stopped calculating

    Perform an advanced search, then add the duration filed:
    Step1: Search Tools> Advanced Find
    Step2: Type test in Search for the words box and click on Find Now.
    Step2: Right-click on any field and select Field Chooser, drag Duration to add a column.
    Step3: The search is complete:
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  1. Matlock67 41 Reputation points

    Hi again,

    When I just switch calendar to List view, the duration field is calculated normally.

    When in the same view I search for e.g. a specific client's appointments, the duration field is blank.


    This was working 2-3 months ago.

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  2. Matlock67 41 Reputation points

    No, the proposed workaround does not work and this is not the expected behavior since it worked fine until recently and we are 100% sure about this since we used it regularly. An Outlook update probably broke it.

    The only workaround I've found is to perform an advanced search, add the duration field each tine (because it does not remember it) and then perform search. This needs more steps but it still works correctly.

    Let's hope that someone at Outlook team will fix that..

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  3. Mark Borthwick 6 Reputation points

    I have the same issue and its driving me nuts. I found you can export the whole calendar to excel adn then see the duration, but its a long way around for something that used to work just fine.

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  4. Bruce Boma 5 Reputation points

    I recently upgraded to Office 2021 and have the same issue. It always worked in older versions. My messages are also not showing up under the message column.

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