How to properly set permissions for my application in visual studio

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I create a program that mostly reads during execution. I would like the app to be able to create a .logfile or the user a .saveyourprogressfile preferably in documents in a folder with my app's name or anywhere the user chooses during the installation process. When i use filesystem header it creates the folder with no problem anywhere i want as far as i have seen. When i use ofstream the antivirus pops and blocks the .txt or whatever else file i try to create. What is the proper way to set the permissions so that i would not have a problem with an antivirus. I tried instead of "as invoker","as highest available" and all the rest of them with no success in visual studio. The permissions for my executable are as follows
Authenticated users: all(except full control),
System: all,
Administrators: all,
users: read and execute+read.

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