How to retrieve the data from a stored proc?

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I want to call a stored procedure from my EF6 MVC 5 app.
The stored procedure is just a SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE <conditions>, but the problem is that in MVC 5 I don't know how to retrieve the records.

I have done it before with .NET Core, which is a breeze:

   IQueryable<Customer> customers = Context.Customers.FromSqlRaw("exec sp_get_nearest_customers", param1, param2);  

In MVC 5 the only way I found was this:

   var customers = new List<Customer>();  
               using var con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DefaultConnection"].ToString());  
               using var cmd = new SqlCommand("sp_get_nearest_customers", con);  
               cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;  
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ClientId", clientId);  
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Latitude", lat);  
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Longitude", lng);  
               cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Range", range);  
               using var da = new SqlDataAdapter();  
               da.SelectCommand = cmd;  
               using var ds = new DataSet();  
               for (int i = 0; i < ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count; i++)  
                   Customer customer = new Customer();  
                   customer.Id = Convert.ToInt32(ds.Tables[0].Rows[i]["Id"].ToString());  
                   customer.Company = ds.Tables[0].Rows[i]["Company"].ToString();  
                   customer.Geolocation = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<GeolocationJSON>(ds.Tables[0].Rows[i]["Geolocation"].ToString());  
               return customers;  

As you must agree it's a much longer way to obtain the same result.
I hope I am missing the obvious here and that someone can suggest a more proper and quick way to do this.
For the record, I use unitOfWork, repository pattern etc (if it helps).

Again, it's in MVC 5, not .net core.


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  1. Rijwan Ansari 741 Reputation points MVP

    HI @Stesvis

    You can use in this way.


    This is quite simple and easy to use.

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  1. Yijing Sun-MSFT 7,061 Reputation points

    Hi @Stesvis ,
    I think you could add these codes to your generic repository.Just like this:

    Note: T will come from ProductRepository : GenericRepository<Product>.

    Best regards,
    Yijing Sun

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