Why does synapse spark pool require databricks configuration?

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In order to run VACUUM Delta_Robots RETAIN 0 HOURS DRY RUN sql command in Synapse notebooks, the setting SET spark.databricks.delta.retentionDurationCheck.enabled = false;
has to be set. Why databricks? The workspace doesn't have anything to do with Databricks.

This is rather a change/development request for the product team.

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    Hello @Okan Mucahit Alaftekin ,

    Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    UPDATE: Databricks contributed their libraries into the open source and has the “Databricks” name in the namespace of the libraries. Changing the name of the namespace to remove ‘databricks’ would diverge away from the documentation for Delta.io OSS.

    Delta Lake has a safety check to prevent you from running a dangerous VACUUM command. If you are certain that there are no operations being performed on this table that take longer than the retention interval you plan to specify, you can turn off this safety check by setting the Spark configuration property spark.databricks.delta.retentionDurationCheck.enabled to false.

    Note: If you do set spark.databricks.delta.retentionDurationCheck.enabled to false in your Spark config, you must choose an interval that is longer than the longest running concurrent transaction and the longest period that any stream can lag behind the most recent update to the table.

    Vacuuming to work in a Synapse pyspark notebook with this code:

    SET spark.databricks.delta.retentionDurationCheck.enabled = false;  

    For more details, refer to Vaccuming with zero retention results in data loss and Vacuum a Delta table (Delta Lake on Azure Databricks).

    Hope this will help. Please let us know if any further queries.


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