Microsoft Community Champions for Q&A

The Microsoft Community Champions for Q&A program recognizes technology experts who contribute as members of the Microsoft Q&A community by providing quality answers to customers' technical questions. Our Community Champions also provide additional assistance across the platform as moderators and provide valuable suggestions to improve our overall platform and user experience. This program may include Microsoft employees, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), suppliers and other expert users.


Choose the product team for which you're most active on Microsoft Q&A for your best opportunity to be selected as a Community Champion.


All members of the Microsoft Community Champions for Q&A program are eligible to be recognized and rewarded with the following incentives:

  • Top contributors recognized in monthly product group leaderboards. For example, check out the latest Azure Community Champions leaderboard.
  • Recognition for top contributors on Microsoft social media handles
  • Direct access to the Microsoft Q&A team and participation in monthly calls and training
  • Networking with other like-minded tech expert members
  • Upon proven performance as a contributor, opportunity to be granted moderator privileges.

Incentives for MVP members:

  • Microsoft Q&A contributions considered for MVP Award annual renewal

Incentives for non-MVP members:

  • Access for top contributors to Microsoft product information before it's released via Customer Connection Programs associated with various product teams
  • Consideration for MVP Award


Individual product teams may offer incentives beyond those listed above for their specific Community Champions program members. These additional incentives only apply to those specific product teams.

Microsoft Community Champions for Q&A for Azure