Prism 4.0 CTP Available on Codeplex

Yesterday we published the CTP for Prism 4.0. In my previous blog, I called this phase I. Phase I provides guidance on MVVM and using MEF for modularity. As I mentioned in this blog, for phase II we will consider the following for its scope:

  • Stock Trader RI updated to demonstrate MVVM throughout
  • Navigation
  • Code templates / simple code generation using templates
  • Issued identified on Codeplex.
  • MEF for UI Composition

Go check out the CTP and give us your feedback.

This will be my last official blog post as part of the Prism team. I moved into a new role to create a PM team for the User Education (UE) team for Visual Studio. The UE team has been renamed to Developer Guidance to emphasize the importance of providing guidance. I will continue to reach out to the community to help us prioritize our work for Developer Guidance – so I/we still need your help.

David Hill has taken over my position in the short term. He will work with Bob Brumfield, Mike Puleio, Nelly Delgado, and Larry Brader to finish Prism 4.0. For those that want code templates before Prism 4.0 ships, you can check out David’s blog.

I enjoyed working in patterns & practices for the last 7 years and I already miss everyone. I have worked with lots of great people (too many to mention and I do not work to forget anyone) and learned a ton. The good news is that p&p is also part of Developer Guidance so I will work very closely with them.