VSX Team Blog and VSX Developer Center

An update on a few things I'm working on relative to the new VSX community building including a team blog and the msdn.com site for VS extensibility. I created the new VSX Team Blog recently and kicked off the steady blog activity (the 5 entries this week all listed below) while here at TechEd 2007, some including short video interviews.

VSX is a short name and acronym I coined for Visual Studio eXtensibility. While I post all the blog entries on the VSX team blog, I do so in third person context as a kind of voice of the team for community. I'll differentiate from what I post on the VSX team blog and what I post here on my blog as follows. The VSX team blog will include mostly formal news and announcements from the VSX team, while here on my blog I'll post additional details about VSX team and community as well as topics beyond VSX.

I also now directly edit all of the content on the VSX developer center at https://msdn.com/vsx, which was updated (home page only) last week. Next week I'll be working in updating the VSX dev center site completely to take on a new template UI. Check out the https://msdn.com/vcsharp or the https://msdn.com/vbasic dev centers to see what the new UI looks like for tools and language sites on msdn.com. The new UI and additional updates for the VSX dev center is scheduled to be completed near the end of this month.