Exam prep for Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, 70-534

So you are thinking about taking the 534 exam, Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

There are plenty of exam prep resources and courses out there from Udemy\Pluralsight courses, books, guides, etc. Doing a web search returned 227,000 search results for "Azure 70-534 certification". With all these different resources, whats a good place to start?


Lets take a look at the exam listing page on the Microsoft Learning site. Each Microsoft exam page has a Skills Measured section. This section clearly outlines the knowledge that will be measured on the exam. i.e. the exam questions are going to be about the following topics only.



I was going through the listings above, and noticed that they seemed to clearly match up to documentation on azure.microsoft.com. There almost was a 1:1 correlation to the Azure documentation. As I was preparing for the exam, I went through each skill being measured and made sure that I had a good understanding of the concepts.

(As an aside, I do want to give a shout out to the Azure Technical writers. They have done a fantastic job of structuring the documentation, and keeping it consistent across all the different services. This makes it very easy to quickly learn about the service and get started right away.)




After writing the exam, I found the above approach to work really well. I have shared this with a few colleagues and customers, and each had rave reviews about how easy it was to study for the exam.

Other Prep Notes

  • Dont spend time reading through the text on scenario questions. Skip to the first question, and then come back to the text to dig out the answers.
  • Track your time. You will have plenty of time to finish the exam, just dont get bogged down on questions.

To make it even easier, I scraped all the Skills Measured on the 534 page, and have attempted to hyperlink them to their corresponding webpage on the Azure site. Hopefully this makes it even easier for you to study and get certified.