Where To Get Your MDOP News

As you might have noticed we have been posting mostly product announcements to this blog and less technical content.  Some of you might be wondering where the more technical info is being posted, so we thought it would be best to take a minute to layout where the MDOP team has been posting. This way you can update your bookmarks and RSS readers so you can still get your MDOP news.

The two blogs where you will find MDOP content on a regular basis are the Windows for your Business Blog and the Springboard Series Blog.  On the Windows for your Business Blog we are now posting our MDOP news including product announcements.  The Springboard Series Blog is where the team talks about the technical side of MDOP.  The Springboard blog posts usually reference other content that we have made available on Springboard Series MDOP page or the Desktop Virtualization page.  For all you App-V fans there is also a dedicated App-V blog run by the App-V engineering team which is another great source of technical content and news.

Lastly I will point out the MDOP section of the Windows Enterprise site.  Here you will find information about the business value of MDOP and links to datasheets, whitepapers, and MDOP case studies.

Thanks for your continued interest in MDOP and we hope to see your comments on Windows for Your Business and Springboard!