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How to set ImageView ScaleType to TOPCROP

Yesterday I have had the need to align TopCrop an image inside an Android ImageView. Unfortunally...

Author: Nico LD Date: 07/02/2018

OAUTH 2.0 protocol support level for ADFS 2012R2 vs ADFS 2016

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is a software component developed by Microsoft that can...

Author: Nico LD Date: 03/23/2018

#HOWTO - Continuous delivery from GitHub to Azure AppService

Few months ago I have spent a couple of evening in implementing an AppService able to delivery...

Author: Nico LD Date: 03/12/2018

#CasualFriday - From Visual Studio Online to Lametric time® smart clock

The number of new smart devices to play with grows day after day. The baseline to work with them is...

Author: Nico LD Date: 10/13/2017

Engineering Caledos Runner - Code Reuse Metrics

This post is the first of a series with the objective to share the experience on multiplatform...

Author: Nico LD Date: 07/27/2017

Read heart rate from BLE device using Xamarin on Android

in this sample I use the library found in xamarin-bluetooth-le to read heart rate and battery level...

Author: Nico LD Date: 10/24/2016

Demo Xamarin PebbleSport integration app

If you are looking for a Xamarin Android sample that show how to manage the Pebble Sport app from a...

Author: Nico LD Date: 10/10/2016

How to remove Android partition from a Teclast x98 PRO “dual boot” - K9C6

The Teclast X98 Pro (a good review here) is the third iteration of the popular Teclast X98 series of...

Author: Nico LD Date: 12/15/2015

Analyze User Behavior in Your Windows/Windows Phone App with Google Analytics

  My article on MSDN Magazine is out! “App development is by definition an iterative process,...

Author: Nico LD Date: 07/14/2015

NicolTIP#031: Toggle Internet Explorer proxy via powershell

The following powershell script toggles the Internet Explorer proxy status between the following...

Author: Nico LD Date: 11/14/2013

NicolTIP#030: How to disable Direct Access via Powershell

in order to disable Direct Access on Windows 8.1, you can run the following powershell script (as...

Author: Nico LD Date: 11/14/2013

Comparing Canon EOS 7D and Lumia 920

I like to take photos and I love my reflex. When I bought my new mobile phone and I choosed a Lumia...

Author: Nico LD Date: 07/17/2013

A logging solution for Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 app developers

I have developed various applications, on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, and many times,...

Author: Nico LD Date: 01/25/2013

The cool-est thing of the day:-)

To realize that Windows Phone 8 emulators are just virtual machines running in Hyper-V is definitely...

Author: Nico LD Date: 10/31/2012

NicolTIP#031: How to count number of lines of code in a c# project via powershell?

(dir -include .cs -recurse | select-string "^(\s)//" -notMatch | select-string...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/06/2012

NicolTIP#029: Word Control code to use for Find/Replace New Line and Carriage Return

Character String ^11 New Line ^13 Carriage Return The complete list is available here:...

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/16/2012

NicolTIP#028: What is the “Claim” equivalent for AD “All authenticated users” group?


Author: Nico LD Date: 03/26/2012

NicolTIP#027: How to update the UI from a worker thread on Windows Phone 7?

Use “Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke”. sample:...

Author: Nico LD Date: 08/21/2011


After more than 18 years since I sold my last Amiga I have had again the pleasure of a GURU...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/22/2011

NicolTIP#026: How to fix poor network performance connecting with windows 2008/R2 in Remote Desktop and File Share

Remote Desktop 6.0 leverages a new feature called auto-tuning for the TCP/IP receive window that...

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/26/2011

NicolTIP#025–How to keep up to date your local copy of SysInternals tools

Even if http:\ is great when you’re not on your pc, I usually prefer to have...

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/23/2011

NicolTIP#024: How to reorder virtual machine list in virtualbox

  Just select one machine and reposition it using CTRL + up/down arrows.

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/09/2011

SharePoint Warm Up Script comparision

Useful blog post to bookmark....

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/09/2011

NicolTIP#023: How to view Sharepoint ULS Log Files with a free tool

SharePoint ULS Log Viewer is a windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily....

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/04/2011

NicolTIP#022: How to remove Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 backup Files…

…created during service pack 1 (SP1) installation via PowerShell. Run Powershell in elevated mode...

Author: Nico LD Date: 03/22/2011

Scalable and robust smooth streaming architecture

if you need to wok on this, I think that the following post is a must to have read:...

Author: Nico LD Date: 03/18/2011

NicolTIP#021: hot to restart printer spooler service via PowerShell

Open your powershell “as administrator” then type: restart-service -Name Spooler -Force

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/05/2011

NicolTIP#020: Why VisualStudio 2010 is not able to connect with my WP7 device? (timeout)

Today without any reason VisualStudio was not able to connect with the WP7 device. When I selected...

Author: Nico LD Date: 01/04/2011

NicolTIP#019: How to recursively delete (hidden) SVN Folders in PowerShell 2.0

Super easy script from The Pursuite of Life Blog, that I ‘m copying here in order to keep it in my...

Author: Nico LD Date: 12/27/2010

NicolTIP#018: How use ION acceleration with XBMC 10.0 and Windows 7

Starting from version 10.0 XBMC can use hardware acceleration to render video (DXVA 2 support for...

Author: Nico LD Date: 12/25/2010

NicolTIP#017: How to automate the build process (of WP7 apps and more:) with powershell

I developed for fun a couple a WP7 apps and I needed to automate (just a little bit:-) the release...

Author: Nico LD Date: 11/29/2010

NicolTIP#016: How to Set/Reset the revision number in a Word 2010 document

When I work for a customer, can happen that I use a document as “template” to build a new one (copy...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/23/2010

NicolTIP#015: How to configure a Development Environment website to allow SSL connections on Windows 2008 R2

The following steps assume that in your development environment you have a web site configured on...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/03/2010

NicolTIP#014: How to download a Powershell quick reference guide for free:-)

If you are starting to use powershell, the sheet you can download from the following link is...

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/25/2010

NicolTIP#013: How to clone a VHD for VirtualBox and avoid “duplicate UUID” error

from command line: VBoxManage.exe clonehd source.vhd destination.vhd easy as 1-2-3 :-)

Author: Nico LD Date: 05/04/2010

NicolTIP#012: How to associate a macro to a keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

In Visual Studio 2005: In Visual Studio 2008: (Menu –> Tools –> Options)

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/11/2010

NicolTIP#011: Boot Windows Server 2008 R2 from VHD within Windows 7

Bare in mind that I already have Windows 7 installed. Physical disk that will hold VHD file must be...

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/04/2010

NicolTIP#010: How to rename and manage file names of your video (and audio?) library with powershell on Windows 7:-)

This week end I encoded some my old DVD in wmv file because I’m destroying my old DVD player and I...

Author: Nico LD Date: 01/20/2010

NicolTIP#009: How to Sysprep a machine with Windows 2003, Windows 2008 / 2008R2, Windows 7

I’m writing here because every time I need to set up a bunch of virtual machines, I have to go...

Author: Nico LD Date: 01/19/2010

NicolTIP#008: Windows 7 God mode

God Mode is a secret Windows 7 Feature (If you can call so!!), which provides you an extended...

Author: Nico LD Date: 01/07/2010

How to remove attachments from outlook (2007) emails easily

I receive often emails with big attachment that fill my inbox space very quickly. On the other side,...

Author: Nico LD Date: 10/22/2009

NicolTIP#007: What to do when you no longer can run macros in Outlook 2007

I am quoting information from...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/09/2009

NicolTIP#006: how to show previous and next item using LINQ

I had a table on SQL 2005 I am accessing it via LINQ. I had to select an item via a “where”...

Author: Nico LD Date: 06/03/2009

NicolTIP#005: How to show the same content in two ore more positions using master page in ASP.NET

To write a web site and give to the entire site a coherent “look” with ASP.NET and master pages is...

Author: Nico LD Date: 03/08/2009

NicolTIP#004: seven new keyboard shortcuts for Window 7

I love keyboard shortcuts and W7 add some new really cool… Managing Your Windows. Windows 7...

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/26/2009

NicolTIP#003: How to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools - Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, Version 1.2 on Windows Vista

If you try to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools - Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, Version...

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/17/2009

NicolTIP#002: Create a manifest.xml extracting content type(s) and columns from a site using Sharepoint Designer

Step to extract a content type and columns to CAML (XML) Create you content type and columns in the...

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/15/2009

NicolTIP#001: edit easily your machine's HOST file

Edit the HOST file in Vista is difficult than ever, thanks to UAC. If you’re a geek that changes...

Author: Nico LD Date: 02/11/2009

Chrome OS?

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to read in detail the document that describe Google Chrome...

Author: Nico LD Date: 09/25/2008

Polipo Matico

PolipoMatico is a Windows Vista sidebar gadget that allows to retrieve and show italia traffic infos...

Author: Nico LD Date: 08/27/2008