Resources for NZ WP7 Developers

I must admit there are some very nice apps starting to turn up in marketplace built by NZ devs. Some of my favourite of late include Gooseberry ( a winner in the Trade Me category of the NZ dev competition), the POQET Directory and Menu Mania. Out of the US I really rate RunKeeper, 4th & Mayor, Flickr and Chickens Can Dream.


Limit of Free Apps Raised to 100

We have raised the limit on the number of certifications that can be performed for FREE apps at no cost to the registered developer from five to 100. This was a common request from developers which we are glad to implement after building alternate methods to ensure that users can find and download high quality apps.

Windows Phone 7 Controls

Windows Phone 7 Controls with Phone Elements

Mindscape has released their suite of awesome Windows Phone 7 controls to much fanfare giving away 1000 free licenses!

Also telerik is working with Microsoft corp to give your user group $100USD if you use their stuff.

NZ Developer Apps

We have reached 76 applications in the marketplace built by New Zealand developers. I want to exceed 100 apps before the end of June. So if you are building an app using the awesome free tools contact me through this blog to request a token for a free developer marketplace account. I have a limited number of these available and I’ll need you to confirm that you live in New Zealand, and that your application is of decent quality and is nearing completion.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Kiwibank finder app that was built by Koshy John during his internship as part of Summer of Tech.