Graphs to Reduce And Prevent Hackers’ Destructive Behaviors

Gabe on Software

Nuggets of wisdom on Agile Development, .NET and ConfigMgr 2007

Gabe Shapiro's blog

Tips, scripts, and bits of code

Gabriel Morgan

Sharing experience as an Enterprise Architect, Business Strategist, Business Performance Manager, Business Architect and Solution Architect. Twitter:@Gabriel_Morgan

Gabriel Nóvoa Blog

Premier Field Engineer - SharePoint Server and Office 365

Gadget Corner

Posts from the Windows Sidebar team, with gadget authoring tips, links to gadget information, and news about our platform.

Gaffer-Tape Engineering

A journal of my exploits, professional and personal, with regards to fitting square pegs in round holes.


Gajendra's Blog

The Galactic Patrol

Saving the Universe from Boskone and Bugs

Game Theory

A blog by Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist, Dan Waters

Game Words 777

Game Development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Gandhali's blog

Commit to your Code !!

Ganesh Shankaran's blog

Ganesh’s Blog

My { Study | Outlook | Interpretation }

Gareth Emslie's Blog

Troubleshooting Development, Opinions are my own!

Gareth’s Useful Stuff

A dumping ground for things I've found useful

Garrett Serack: Open Source Development at Microsoft

View from deep inside Microsoft's Open Source Software Lab

Gary Simmons - MCS

System Center Configuration Manager Tips and Tricks

Gary's $this and that about PowerShell

I am a Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer based out of Atlanta, GA. My focus is Powershell. This blog is mainly to share interesting Powershell script samples.

Gaurav Agarwal

Empowering you and your business with Big data and Analytics

Gaurav Badhan's blog

Gaurav Seth's WebLog

It's never too late to get started.

Gaurav's Blog

Gautam Goenka (MSFT)

Developing great products for Testers!

Gavin Gear's Tech Blog

Gavin McShera - Datacentre Solutions Specialist

Private Cloud, IaaS and the Dynamic Datacentre.

GBorger's Configuration Manager Blog

Notes on MS Configuration Manager and related products.


gclassy.com : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

Microsoft's Consumer Media Technology from a Programmer Writer's Perspective

GD - DB and BI Community

Microsoft Global Deilvery - Database and Business Intelligence Community posts

The Geek Diva

Microsoft Mexico Academic and Technological News

The Geek Girl: Tara's Developer Ramblings from the Dorm

Tara is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist formerly know as Developer Evangelist. Currently focusing on Windows 8 & Mobile Cross-Platform development with C# working with Professional & Student/Academic developers. Dabbling with JavaScript, WinJS,

Geeks Bearing Gifts

Unleash your potential

geeks knowledge


Geeky Girl

Information about Microsoft SharePoint Server, SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence and Office.

Geeky Storytelling

Genuine Windows Blog

Geoff Innis

Driving innovation in the Service pillar of Dynamics 365

Geoffrey Carlisle on IDM & Security

Geo-Replication failover using RESTAPI call

Geo-Replication failover using RESTAPI call

George Bethanis: From SharePoint to the System Center's world...

A journey to Microsoft's technologies

George Cerbone's blog

Thoughts on infrastructure architecture

George Kanellopoulos's Blog

Gkanel's blog

George Wallace's Blog

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Georgeo Pulikkathara's Microsoft Blog

I'm the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Product Management guy.


Hello. I am Gerardo Dada, formerly responsible for Developer Marketing at Microsoft (hence the blog name), now doing Windows Mobile Marketing with our OEM and mobile operator carriers. Even though I work in marketing for Microsoft, this blog represents m

Gerenciamento de Serviços e Governança de TI na visão do Ronaldo

Gerenciando Projetos

Sobre Project, Planner e Teams, não necessariamente nesta ordem!

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