Azure Service Bus .NET Standard Client GA

Over the last 8 months, we have been working on our .NET Standard client to make it generally available, we are proud to announce it is GA today! With it comes support for .NET Core and the .NET framework. And as mentioned in an earlier post it also supports Mono/Xamarin for cross-platform application development. This is only the start of greater things to come.

Here is a full list of the supported platforms. Ours will be .NET Standard version 1.3.

We have queue, topic, and session samples to get you going. We'll be adding more samples over time.

We also have plugins! Including some from the community!

Speaking of which, this client is open source and if you want to contribute you can! You can also provide other feedback in our GitHub repo.

Thank you to our community members who helped us to get here!

You can find the NuGet package here and documentation here.