Azure Service Bus libraries for .NET


Azure Service Bus is a messaging infrastructure that sits between applications allowing them to exchange messages for improved scale and resiliency.

Client library

Install the NuGet package directly from the Visual Studio Package Manager console.

Visual Studio Package Manager

Install-Package Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus

Code Example

This example demonstrates how to send and receive messages using a Service Bus queue.

// using Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus;

string connectionString = "<connection_string>";
string queueName = "<queue_name>";

// Because ServiceBusClient implements IAsyncDisposable, we'll create it 
// with "await using" so that it is automatically disposed for us.
await using var client = new ServiceBusClient(connectionString);

// The sender is responsible for publishing messages to the queue.
ServiceBusSender sender = client.CreateSender(queueName);
ServiceBusMessage message = new ServiceBusMessage("Hello world!");

await sender.SendMessageAsync(message);

// The receiver is responsible for reading messages from the queue.
ServiceBusReceiver receiver = client.CreateReceiver(queueName);
ServiceBusReceivedMessage receivedMessage = await receiver.ReceiveMessageAsync();

string body = receivedMessage.Body.ToString();

Management library

Install the NuGet package directly from the Visual Studio Package Manager console or with the .NET Core CLI.

Visual Studio Package Manager

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus.Fluent


dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus.Fluent

Code Example

This example creates a Service Bus queue with a maximum size of 1024 MB.

// using Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus.Fluent;
// using Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus.Fluent.Models;

using (ServiceBusManagementClient client = new ServiceBusManagementClient(credentials))
    client.SubscriptionId = subscriptionId;
    QueueInner parameters = new QueueInner
        MaxSizeInMegabytes = 1024
    await client.Queues.CreateOrUpdateAsync(resourceGroupName, namespaceName, queueName, parameters);


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