Released: Public Preview for SQL Server vNext Management Pack

We are happy to announce that the brand-new management pack for SQL Server vNext is ready to go. Please install and use this public preview and send us your feedback (!

Please download the public preview bits at:

The most important new features are as follows:

  • X-platform opportunities came true: monitor SQL vNext on Linux and SQL vNext on Windows!
  • Agentless monitoring is now available along with traditional agent monitoring. The monitoring workload can be transferred to management servers included in the SQL Server vNext Monitoring Pool.
  • Usage of scripts is discontinued in favor of .Net Framework modules, which enables more efficient resource usage.
  • For getting information on health and performance, SQL Server Dynamic Management Views and Functions are now used instead of WMI calls. This provides better efficiency and connectivity.

All the details regarding the new functionality can be found in the Operations Guide that can be downloaded along with the Management Pack. Full functionality will be available with SQL Server vNext GA. This CTP release only covers a subset of monitors and rules. We will work towards full functionality as we release new CTPs.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback (!