New Psscor2 commands – ClrStack showing source and line numbers

Continuing on from my previous post about DumpAllExceptions, here is another new update that comes with psscor2.  When you run !clrstack, you will now see the source and line information for the functions that are displayed.  This can be really helpful when trying to track down where a problem is and what path through your code this execution has taken.

You don’t have to do anything to make this output display, it will automatically at the end of the line.

The output will look something like:

 02b9ef98 687db33a MyFile.DoWork(System.Web.HttpContext) c:\MyFile.cs:3710

So if you look at that output, it has c:\MyFile.cs as the name of the file and 3710 as the line number.

Hope everyone finds this information useful.  If you need to get psscor2, take a look at this post:

New debugger extension for .NET, Psscor2, released