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Raspberry Pi2 Codify Build Lighting up the Microsoft Vancouver (

Codify/build-light from Codify in Brisbane, enabled us to implement a visual status indicator of all our build(s) running on Team Services, as shown in these snapshots:

WP_20160711_005 Watching the device boot, after installing it at the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre.
WP_20160711_006 Ouch, it’s evident by the red background and the RGB Light Strip flashing in red, that something is not healthy.Someone broke the build!
WP_20160711_016 Running a build changes background and RGB Light Strip to blue.Work in progress!

Once you get a green background (1) and RGB Light Strip (2) you can relax as all your builds are healthy. The magic happens within the Raspberry Pi (3), delivering a very visual representation (from afar or close-up), aligned with our Team Services dashboard (4).


Cannot wait to walk into the excellence centre at night or early in the morning, when all the lights are switched off. The Ranger corner will be very prominent and colourful Smile

What’s the recipe? Take a Raspberry Pi 2/3 device, add one Codify VSTS Build Light Circuit Board, and sprinkle some software.
WP_20160711_020 Anthony Borton has created a detailed walkthrough of the hardware, Windows 10 IoT Core, and the Codify VSTS Build Light software.

What’s my personal evaluation rating out of five stars?

  • Effectiveness
  • Setup
  • Quality
image Once I can upgrade with a special casing mentioned by Anthony, I will add the other 1/2 star  Smile
  • Fun factor

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