IronPython Studio 1.0 for Isolated and Integrated VS Shell

There is now an integrated VS Shell version of IronPython Studio free for download and installation to go along with isolated version. The version has also changed from CTP mode to version 1.0. Applications using the isolated version of the VS Shell runtime allow the application to be installed and run if there is no version of VS installed, and will still run stand-alone when there is a version of VS installed. Integrated applications for the VS Shell, like the new additional version of IronPython Studio, allow the application to run stand-alone with there is no version of VS installed, but run side by side within VS when a copy of VS installed before or after.

So the developer who would probably want to install the isolated version of IronPython Studio does not have VS and does not plan to install VS or wants it to run stand-alone independent of VS. The developer who would prefer the new integrated version of IronPython Studio has VS installed or plans to install VS and wants IronPython to run side by side within their installation of VS rather than as a stand-alone shell application.

For more information about the VS Shell, visit the developer center. For more information about IronPython Studio, check out the CodePlex page it is hosted on and the previous blog post here: IronPython Studio for VS 2008 Shell released

IronPython Studio is now available as free download. Working with the VSX team at Microsoft, Pablo Galiano of Clarius Consulting released IronPython Studio for developing Python applications. The free VS SDK includes a sample application called IronPython, a full integration of the IronPython language, IntelliSense, compiler, debugging, etc. integrated into Visual Studio. While the IronPython sample application is free within the VS SDK, the VS SDK does require VS Standard or above. This new IronPython Studio download is free and does not require any version of Visual Studio to install, it only requires the free VS 2008 Shell (isolated mode) runtime installation as well as the 1MB IronPython Setup installation. There are screenshots on the CodePlex project home page, and Pablo also created a IronPython Studio screencast video demo .