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Build 2019 AI sessions and recordings

Please read https://wriju.wordpress.com/2019/05/20/build-2019-ai-sessions-and-recordings/

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/20/2019

Free Hands on Labs for Azure DevOps [meta-blog]

Please visit https://wriju.wordpress.com/2019/05/17/free-hands-on-labs-for-azure-devops/

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/17/2019

From Zero to Hero in Azure DevOps [meta-blog]

Please visit https://wriju.wordpress.com/2019/05/17/from-zero-to-hero-in-azure-devops/

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/17/2019

Microsoft Build Conference 2019 – All the announcements [Meta-blogging]


Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/14/2019

Microsoft Build Conference 2019 – why I am so excited

Please have a look into...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/01/2019

Slide from my presentation at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 [Meta-blogging]

Please have a look...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/28/2019

Tips on appearing AZ-400 Azure DevOps Engineer Expert [Meta-blog]

Please have a look...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/28/2019

Speaking at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 [Meta-blog]


Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/27/2019

Blog is moving

All, After blogging about 13 years – it's time to say goodbye to this lovely MSDN blogging platform....

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/20/2019

Azure Update during March 2019

Let's have them all in one page General availability: Azure Availability Zones in East US Global...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/01/2019

Azure CLI – some tips

Keep your Azure CLI always update. This is recommended to use Cloud Shell because all the versions...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/01/2019

Preparing and appearing for AZ-300

If you pass the both AZ-300 and AZ-301 then you become the Azure Solutions Architect Expert. This is...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/01/2019

Azure Blockchain Development Kit

Blockchain in Azure is nothing new. Blockchain is not new but to get more compute power and security...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/07/2019

Azure Latency Test

Do you know what’s the latency between Azure DC. Do check out https://www.azurespeed.com/ There are...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 01/10/2019

2019 - a Developer's view

2018 has been great so far for developers. With cloud automation CI/CD has become the focus. A major...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/24/2018

Free Trainings for Azure Certifications AZ-*

Azure Certifications are going through a major revamp. Now we have series like AZ-100, AZ-101,...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/20/2018

Start Free with Azure Stack Development Kit

Azure Stack is a hardware-based appliances which means you need to buy the hardware to be able to...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/20/2018

AI playground – Cognitive Services Labs

All of us are hearing about AI and would like to try ourselves and see how it works. Here is what...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/19/2018

Free Azure Subscription–no credit card needed

What if you have Azure Subscription to play with and need no credit card? Pretty cool, huh!!! You...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/13/2018

Azure for Enterprises

The public cloud, out of the box, needs help to be enterprise ready. We need a bit more compliance...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/06/2018

Azure REST API Explorer

Azure has many layers of interactions REST API, PowerShell, CLI, Portal etc. On top of REST API we...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/01/2018

Microsoft Ignite Conference 2018–All Sessions Videos

Ignite is over couple of months ago. But the impact is going to stay till another Build or Ignite...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 12/01/2018

Control your Azure Cost

Cost optimization is another key aspect of successfully running Applications in Cloud. Here is the...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/30/2018

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) at Ignite

Direct Link

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/29/2018

Azure Update in November 2018

Upcoming Azure Sphere 18.11 release Azure IoT Edge 1.0.4 release OMS Agent for Linux November...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/27/2018

Quantum Development Kit 0.3 Release

Here is the 0.3 release of the Quantum Development Kit!! Main features: · New quantum chemistry...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/21/2018

Quantum Machine Learning Lab

There is a lab on Quantum Machine Learning is now available...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/21/2018

New Azure Audit Reports

Often times you need to refer the latest Audit reports for many valid reasons. These reports are...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/21/2018

Log Analytics Playground

If you care about Azure you care about Log Analytics. Because it is that display board which keeps...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 11/20/2018

Pointing an existing ASPNET Core WebAPI from MongoDB to CosmosDB

Use case: An existing Application was written using ASPNET Core pointing to an installed MongoDB in...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 06/15/2018

Easy steps to create Azure Kubernetes Service

Step 1: Open the bash cloud shell from browser https://shell.azure.comStep 2:Create a resource group...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 06/12/2018

Download All Build 2018 Sessions offline

Edited All the build sessions are listed here in Youtube as a playlist...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/14/2018

Build 2018 All Sessions

All of the Microsoft Build Sessions are here https://aka.ms/build2018allThere are around 200 plus...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/14/2018

When Mark Russinovich talks about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract

When Mark talks about Blockchain you simply can’t ignore. Mark has been playing with it since last...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/14/2018

Bulk VM creation from CSV using Azure PowerShell

This sample talks about few basic aspects of Azure PowerShell,1. Reading from CSV2. Parameterizing...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/04/2018

Azure April 2018 Updates

Power BI Embedded Q&A added to Edit and Create modes for report authors Power BI Embedded...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 05/02/2018

Migrating from Azure Service Manager (ASM) Virtual Machines to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VM

Time is up. With the announcement of https://manage.windowsazure.com is no more available since 2nd...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/05/2018

Azure Updates – March 2018

General availability: Global VNet Peering Global VNet Peering is now generally available. Global...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 04/03/2018

One Azure Learning Video to make you a hero from zero

Great Azure Learning Video for 2 hour 40 min, this contains Content 00:05:00 - The Azure Portal...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/22/2018

All about PaaS PostgreSQL and MySQL in Azure

Fully managed PostgreSQL and MySQL is now GA. This means you can use them in production. The...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/22/2018

Azure Labs are Free for you

https://www.microsoft.com/handsonlabs/SelfPacedLabs As of today there are 227 labs. For me time is...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/22/2018

Azure Release Update February 2018

GUID migration: Stream AnalyticsPublic preview: Azure Backup integration with Azure FilesPower BI...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/18/2018

Azure Release Update January 2018

· General availability: Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls for Azure Storage · .NET...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/18/2018

Convert UnManaged to Managed Disk

I have one VM with UnManaged OS Disk and Data Disk. Now it is really simple to convert them,...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 03/13/2018

Weekly Azure Blogs

Compute Continuous-Deployment to AzureImperial College Hack – ICHack18 Cognitive Challenge Winners...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/28/2018

Build Azure IoT Solutions in Minutes

Strange yeah!!! Not possible. There is a playground to help you build things without getting into...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/26/2018

Azure IoT Reference Architecture

All you need is to download this PDF Microsoft Azure IoT services- Reference...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/26/2018

Find unused Managed Disks

In your Azure you might have created Managed disks and never used them. Do you still pay for disks...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/25/2018

Quick Tip while working with Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell is an ocean of commands. Remembering them while working is next to impossible....

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/25/2018

Azure PowerShell Login “Remember Me”

We use “Remember Me” feature quite a lot in our personal computers for quick login. This seamless...

Author: Wriju Ghosh Date: 02/23/2018