MSDN Magazine July 2011 issue

July 2011

Theme: Web Platform


SharePoint Development: Build Workflow Solutions for SharePoint Online

SharePoint Development: Build Workflow Solutions for SharePoint Online
In this follow-up to his March article, Chris Mayo illustrates workflow support in SharePoint Online by extending the purchasing solution to include a workflow solution, then extending the workflow with a custom workflow action developed with Visual Studio.
Chris Mayo

Windows PowerShell with WPF: Secrets to Building a WPF Application in Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell with WPF: Secrets to Building a WPF Application in Windows PowerShell
Is it a command-line interface, a scripting language or an API? Windows PowerShell is all three, says Doug Finke, who shows you how to tweak Windows PowerShell to build a net present value calculator presented in classic Windows Presentation Foundation GUI style. Special bonus: Windows PowerShell creator Jeffrey Snover weighs in on the Ad Hoc development model and origin of the language.
Douglas Finke

ASP.NET WebGrid: Get the Most out of WebGrid in ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET WebGrid:  Get the Most out of WebGrid in ASP.NET MVC
Along with the recent WebMatrix release there are a set of productivity helpers including WebGrid and Chart. WebGrid provides a productive way to render tabular data. This article will show the productivity benefits of the WebGrid and to present a few key pointers for effectively working with WebGrid for ASP.NET MVC developers.
Stuart Leeks

Silverlight Localization: Master Large Data Streams with Microsoft StreamInsight

Silverlight Localization: Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources, Part 2
Building on the March article, we present a solution that integrates server-side components to generate .resx files on demand from a database and embed those .resx files in .xap files, which are then streamed to the client.
Matthew Delisle

MVC Filters: Easily Add Performance Counters to Your MVC Application

MVC Filters: Easily Add Performance Counters to Your MVC Application
Ben Grover adds performance counters to a Model-View-Controller (MVC) app and explains how to use MVC filters to clean up and replace repeated, confusing code that was spread throughout numerous action methods in an application.
Ben Grover

Mobile Browsing: Build a Better Mobile Browsing Experience

Mobile Browsing: Build a Better Mobile Browsing Experience
If you're building a public Web site, you need to support mobile browsers. This article explains why this is more important than ever, and suggests techniques for building great mobile browser experiences on ASP.NET Web Forms and Model-View-Controller, including browser detection, generating mobile-specific markup and optimizing usability.
Steven Sanderson

Web Development: Visual Studio 2010 SP1 for Web Developers

Web Development: Visual Studio 2010 SP1 for Web Developers
Check out the goodies for Web developers in the new Visual Studio service pack, including integration with new offerings of the Microsoft Web Platform, such as IIS Express, SQL Server CE, the Razor syntax, the Web Platform Installer and much more.
Deepak Verma


Editor's Note:
Why C++ Still Matters

This month, we welcome the return of Kenny Kerr’s Windows with C++ column. To celebrate, we asked him some questions about where C++ fits into today’s development environment.
Keith Ward

Don't Get Me Started:
When Security Doesn't Make Sense

It’s usually the fault of the developer -- rather than the end user -- when security isn’t applied.
David Platt

UI Frontiers:
Page Transitions in Windows Phone 7

For the most fluid page transitions in an e-book, the user interface needs to support three distinct pages—the current page, the next page, and the previous page. Charles Petzold describes a flexible way to implement this using three different page transitions.
Charles Petzold

Cutting Edge:
Code Contracts: Inheritance and the Liskov Principle

Dino Esposito goes further into his exploration of Code Contracts in the .NET Framework, explaining what they’re used for, how they compare to assertions and tests and how they can help you improve the quality of your software design.
Dino Esposito

Data Points:
Demystifying Entity Framework Strategies, Part 3: Classes, Queries and Contexts

Julie Lerman takes on code generation in her third column exploring important decisions you have to make when using the Entity Framework, while also discussing the ObjectContext vs. DbContext choice and query building options.
Julie Lerman

Tools and Techniques for .NET Code Profiling

Premature optimization may be the root of all evil, but at some point in your app's development cycle you're going to need to analyze your code for performance and memory use. Here's a collection of profiling tools and information that will help make you a lean, mean coding machine.
Terrence Dorsey

The Working Programmer:
Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 9: Functional Programming

The ninth in our series on multiparadigmatic programming focuses on functional programming, which is about treating functions as values—and which offers operations similar to what LINQ-to-Objects provides.
Ted Neward

Windows with C++:
C++ and the Windows API

Learn how to manage Windows API resources in a way that is natural for the contemporary C++ developer. This is a critical first step in becoming a productive Windows developer.
Kenny Kerr

Mobile Matters
Make Money with the Microsoft Ad Control

Even if you’re just a hobbyist Windows Phone 7 developer producing free apps, the easy-to-use (and free) Microsoft Ad Control lets you monetize your apps with automatic embedded advertising. See just how easy it is to get started.
Arthur Bierer