Identity management solutions for .NET web apps

The following table provides an overview of various identity management solutions that can be used in ASP.NET Core apps. These solutions offer features and capabilities to manage user authentication, authorization, and user identity within an app. It includes options for apps that are:

  • Container-based
  • Self-hosted, where you manage the installation and infrastructure to support it.
  • Managed, such as cloud-based services like Microsoft Entra

The following table lists both open source and commercial solutions in alphabetical order. Each line contains details such as license type, website, and documentation that is specific to ASP.NET Core integration. The table can help identify the identity management solutions that best align with your app's needs.

Many of the commercial licenses provide "community" or free options that may be available depending on your company size and app requirements.

Name Type License Type Documentation
ASP.NET Core Identity Self host OSS (MIT) Secure a web app with ASP.NET Core Identity
Auth0 Managed Commercial Get started
Duende IdentityServer Self host Commercial ASP.NET Identity integration
Keycloak Container OSS (Apache 2.0) Keycloak client adapters documentation
Microsoft Entra ID Managed Commercial Entra documentation
Okta Managed Commercial Okta for ASP.NET Core
OpenIddict Self host OSS (Apache 2.0) OpenIddict Documentation

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