OEM registration

Device registration process

When devices are purchased from an OEM, the OEM can automatically register the devices with the Windows Autopilot. For the list of OEMs that support registration, see the Participant device manufacturers and resellers section of the Windows Autopilot page.


While the hardware hashes, also known as hardware IDs, are generated as part of the OEM device manufacturing process, the hardware hashes aren't normally provided directly to customers or Cloud Solution Partners (CSPs). Instead, the OEM should register devices on the customer's behalf. In cases where CSPs register devices, OEMs might provide PKID information to those partners to support the device registration process.

OEMs must follow device guidelines for Windows Autopilot devices.

Service data

Microsoft manages and maintains Windows Autopilot. This service provides the backend database that associates hardware hashes with customer tenants. When an OEM registers devices for a customer, they're writing that data to this database and not directly to the customer's tenant. No permissions to the customer's tenant are granted or required for OEMs to register devices on the customer's behalf.

Before an OEM can register devices for an organization, the organization must grant the OEM permission to do so. The OEM begins this process with approval granted by a Microsoft Entra Global Administrator from the organization. For more information, see OEM authorization.

Microsoft Surface registration

For Surface devices, see Surface registration support for Windows Autopilot.