MySQL extension

With the MySQL extension for Azure Data Studio, you can now connect to, query and manage MySQL databases along with your other databases, taking advantage of the modern editor experience and capabilities in Azure Data Studio, such as IntelliSense, code snippets, source control integration, native Jupyter Notebooks, an integrated terminal, and more.


While Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), to prevent disrupting existing environments, Azure AD still remains in some hardcoded elements such as UI fields, connection providers, error codes, and cmdlets. In this article, the two names are interchangeable.

The Azure Data Studio functionality available for MySQL includes:

Install the MySQL extension

If you don't already have Azure Data Studio installed, see its install instructions.

  1. Select the extensions icon from the sidebar in Azure Data Studio.

    Screenshot of the extension's icon.

  2. Search for the MySQL extension and select it.

  3. Select Install. Once installed, select Reload to activate the extension in Azure Data Studio.

    Screenshot of the extension overview page.

Next steps

Learn how to connect and query MySQL using Azure Data Studio.