Use Azure IoT with Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere devices can communicate with Azure IoT using managed services like Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.

Before you begin

No matter which service you use, you must have an Azure subscription. If your organization does not already have a subscription, you can set up a free trial.


Although you can create an Azure subscription for no charge, the sign-up process requires you to provide a credit card number.

Authenticate your Azure Sphere tenant

After you have an Azure subscription, you must establish trust between Azure Sphere and your Azure IoT Central application or Azure IoT Hub instance. You must perform validation steps only once by downloading a certificate authority (CA) certificate from the Azure Sphere Security Service and validating it using a code generated by Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central. The validation process authenticates your Azure Sphere tenant.

The authentication process is slightly different for Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central:

Next steps

Once you have an Azure subscription and a validated CA, you can run the Azure IoT sample application from GitHub, which connects to either Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub.

About Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub is a managed service that acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages.

Azure IoT Hub supports multiple messaging patterns–for example, device-to-cloud telemetry, file upload from devices, and request-reply methods to control your devices from the cloud. In addition, Azure IoT Hub monitoring helps you maintain the health of your solution by tracking events like device creation, device failures, and device connections.

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About Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is a managed service that simplifies the creation of IoT solutions. Azure IoT Central simplifies the initial setup of your IoT solution and reduces the management burden, operational costs, and overhead of a typical IoT project.

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