SAP SuccessFactors attribute reference for Microsoft Entra ID

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Supported SuccessFactors entities and attributes

The table below captures the list of SuccessFactors attributes included by default in the following two provisioning apps:

Please refer to the SAP SuccessFactors integration reference to extend the schema for additional attributes.

# SuccessFactors Entity SuccessFactors Attribute Operation Type
1 PerPerson personIdExternal Read
2 PerPerson personId Read
3 PerPerson perPersonUuid Read
4 PerPersonal displayName Read
5 PerPersonal firstName Read
6 PerPersonal gender Read
7 PerPersonal lastName Read
8 PerPersonal middleName Read
9 PerPersonal preferredName Read
10 User addressLine1 Read
11 User addressLine2 Read
12 User addressLIne3 Read
13 User businessPhone Read
14 User cellPhone Read
15 User city Read
16 User country Read
17 User custom01 Read
18 User custom02 Read
19 User custom03 Read
20 User custom04 Read
21 User custom05 Read
22 User custom06 Read
23 User custom07 Read
24 User custom08 Read
25 User custom09 Read
26 User custom10 Read
27 User custom11 Read
28 User custom12 Read
29 User custom13 Read
30 User custom14 Read
31 User empId Read
32 User homePhone Read
33 User jobFamily Read
34 User nickname Read
35 User state Read
36 User timeZone Read
37 User username Read
38 User zipCode Read
39 PerPhone areaCode Read
40 PerPhone countryCode Read
41 PerPhone extension Read
42 PerPhone phoneNumber Read
43 PerPhone phoneType Read
44 PerEmail emailAddress Read, Write
45 PerEmail emailType Read
46 EmpEmployment firstDateWorked Read
47 EmpEmployment lastDateWorked Read
48 EmpEmployment userId Read
49 EmpEmployment isContingentWorker Read
50 EmpJob countryOfCompany Read
51 EmpJob emplStatus Read
52 EmpJob endDate Read
53 EmpJob startDate Read
54 EmpJob jobTitle Read
55 EmpJob position Read
65 EmpJob customString13 Read
56 EmpJob managerId Read
57 EmpJob.BusinessUnit businessUnit Read
58 EmpJob.BusinessUnit businessUnitId Read
59 EmpJob.Company company Read
60 EmpJob.Company companyId Read
61 EmpJob.Company.CountryOfRegistration twoCharCountryCode Read
62 EmpJob.CostCenter costCenter Read
63 EmpJob.CostCenter costCenterId Read
64 EmpJob.CostCenter costCenterDescription Read
65 EmpJob.Department department Read
66 EmpJob.Department departmentId Read
67 EmpJob.Division division Read
68 EmpJob.Division divisionId Read
69 EmpJob.JobCode jobCode Read
70 EmpJob.JobCode jobCodeId Read
71 EmpJob.Location LocationName Read
72 EmpJob.Location officeLocationAddress Read
73 EmpJob.Location officeLocationCity Read
74 EmpJob.Location officeLocationCustomString4 Read
75 EmpJob.Location officeLocationZipCode Read
76 EmpJob.PayGrade payGrade Read
77 EmpEmploymentTermination activeEmploymentsCount Read
78 EmpEmploymentTermination latestTerminationDate Read

Default attribute mapping

The table below provides the default attribute mapping between SuccessFactors attributes listed above and Active Directory / Microsoft Entra attributes. In the Microsoft Entra provisioning app "Mapping" blade, you can modify this default mapping to include attributes from the list above.

# SuccessFactors Entity SuccessFactors Attribute Default attribute mapping Processing Remark
1 PerPerson personIdExternal employeeId Used as matching attribute
2 PerPerson perPersonUuid [Not mapped - used as source anchor] During initial sync, the Provisioning Service links the personUuid to existing objectGuid.
3 PerPersonal displayName displayName NA
4 PerPersonal firstName givenName NA
5 PerPersonal lastName sn NA
6 User addressLine1 streetAddress NA
7 User city l NA
8 User country co NA
9 User state st NA
10 User username samAccountName NA
11 User zipCode postalCode NA
12 PerEmail emailAddress mail NA
13 EmpJob jobTitle title NA
14 EmpJob managerId manager NA
15 EmpJob.Company.CountryOfRegistration twoCharCountryCode c NA
16 EmpJob.Department department department NA
17 EmpJob.Division division company NA
18 EmpJob.Location officeLocationAddress streetAddress NA
19 EmpJob.Location officeLocationZipCode postalCode NA
20 EmpEmploymentTermination activeEmploymentsCount accountEnabled if activeEmploymentsCount=0, disable the account.