Create a rule in the Autopilot dashboard

This article describes how to create a rule in the Permissions Management Autopilot dashboard.


Only users with Administrator permissions can view and make changes on the Autopilot tab. If you don't have these permissions, contact your system administrator.

Create a rule

  1. In the Permissions Management home page, select the Autopilot tab.

  2. In the Autopilot dashboard, from the Authorization system types dropdown, select Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  3. From the Authorization System dropdown, in the List and Folders box, select the account and folder names that you want, and then select Apply.

  4. In the Autopilot dashboard, select New Rule.

  5. In the Rule Name box, enter a name for your rule.

  6. Select AWS, Azure, GCP, and then select Next.

  7. Select Authorization Systems, and then select All or the account names that you want.

  8. From the Folders dropdown, select a folder, and then select Apply.

    To change your folder settings, select Reset.

    • The Status column displays if the authorization system is Online or Offline.
    • The Controller column displays if the controller is Enabled or Not Enabled.
  9. Select Configure , and then select the following parameters for your rule:

    • Role Created On Is: Select the duration in days.
    • Role Last Used On Is: Select the duration in days when the role was last used.
    • Cross Account Role: Select True or False.
  10. Select Mode, and then, if you want recommendations to be generated and applied manually, select On-Demand.

  11. Select Save

    The following information displays in the Autopilot Rules table:

    • Rule Name: The name of the rule.
    • State: The status of the rule: idle (not being use) or active (being used).
    • Rule Type: The type of rule being applied.
    • Mode: The status of the mode: on-demand or not.
    • Last Generated: The date and time the rule was last generated.
    • Created By: The email address of the user who created the rule.
    • Last Modified On: The date and time the rule was last modified.
    • Subscription: Provides an On or Off switch that allows you to receive email notifications when recommendations have been generated, applied, or unapplied.

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