View notification settings for a rule in the Autopilot dashboard

This article describes how to view notification settings for a rule in the Permissions Management Autopilot dashboard.


Only users with Administrator permissions can view and make changes on the Autopilot tab. If you don't have these permissions, contact your system administrator.

View notification settings for a rule

  1. In the Permissions Management home page, select the Autopilot tab.

  2. In the Autopilot dashboard, from the Authorization system types dropdown, select Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  3. From the Authorization System dropdown, in the List and Folders box, select the account and folder names that you want, and then select Apply.

  4. In the Autopilot dashboard, select a rule.

  5. In the far right of the row, select the ellipses (...)

  6. To view notification settings for a rule, select Notification Settings.

    Permissions Management displays a list of subscribed users. These users are signed up to receive notifications for the selected rule.

  7. To close the Notification Settings box, select Close.

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