Query for Advisor data in Resource Graph Explorer (Azure Resource Graph)

Advisor resources are now onboarded to Azure Resource Graph. This lays foundation to many at-scale customer scenarios for Advisor recommendations. Few scenarios that were not possible before to do at scale and now can be achieved using Resource Graph are:

  • Gives capability to perform complex query for all your subscriptions in Azure portal
  • Recommendations summarized by category types (like reliability, performance) and impact types (high, medium, low)
  • All recommendations for a particular recommendation type
  • Impacted resource count by recommendation category

Advisor in Azure resource graph explorer

Advisor resource types in Azure Graph

Available Advisor resource types in Resource Graph: There are 3 resource types available for querying under Advisor resources. Here is the list of the resources that are now available for querying in Resource Graph.

  • Microsoft.Advisor/configurations
  • Microsoft.Advisor/recommendations
  • Microsoft.Advisor/suppressions

These resource types are listed under a new table named as AdvisorResources, which you can also query in the Resource Graph Explorer in Azure portal.

Next steps

For more information about Advisor recommendations, see: