Deploy a container offer from Azure Marketplace (preview)

Azure Marketplace is an online store that contains thousands of IT software applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies. In Azure Marketplace, you can find, try, buy, and deploy the software and services that you need to build new solutions and manage your cloud infrastructure. The catalog includes solutions for different industries and technical areas, free trials, and consulting services from Microsoft partners.

Included among these solutions are Kubernetes application-based container offers. These offers contain applications that are meant to run on Kubernetes clusters such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Browse offers in Azure Marketplace.
  • Purchase an application.
  • Deploy the application on your AKS cluster.
  • Monitor usage and billing information.


AKS preview features are available on a self-service, opt-in basis. Previews are provided "as is" and "as available," and they're excluded from the service-level agreements and limited warranty. AKS previews are partially covered by customer support on a best-effort basis. As such, these features aren't meant for production use. For more information, see the following support articles:


This feature is currently supported only in the following regions:

  • West Central US
  • West Europe
  • East US

Register resource providers

Before you deploy a container offer, you must register the Microsoft.ContainerService and Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration providers on your subscription by using the az provider register command:

az provider register --namespace Microsoft.ContainerService --wait
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration --wait

Select and deploy a Kubernetes offer

  1. In the Azure portal, search for Marketplace on the top search bar. In the results, under Services, select Marketplace.

  2. You can search for an offer or publisher directly by name, or you can browse all offers. To find Kubernetes application offers, use the Product Type filter for Azure Containers.

    Screenshot of Azure Marketplace offers in the Azure portal, with the filter for product type set to Azure containers.


    The Azure Containers category includes both Kubernetes applications and standalone container images. This walkthrough is specific to Kubernetes applications. If you find that the steps to deploy an offer differ in some way, you're most likely trying to deploy a container image-based offer instead of a Kubernetes application-based offer.

    To ensure that you're searching for Kubernetes applications, include the term KubernetesApps in your search.

  3. After you decide on an application, select the offer.

  4. On the Plans + Pricing tab, select an option. Ensure that the terms are acceptable, and then select Create.

    Screenshot of the offer purchasing page in the Azure portal, including plan and pricing information.

  5. Follow each page in the wizard, all the way through Review + Create. Fill in information for your resource group, your cluster, and any configuration options that the application requires. You can decide to deploy on a new AKS cluster or use an existing cluster.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal wizard for deploying a new offer, with the selector for creating a new cluster or using an existing cluster.

    When the application is deployed, the portal shows Your deployment is complete, along with details of the deployment.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal that shows a successful resource deployment to the cluster.

  6. Verify the deployment by using the following command to list the extensions that are running on your cluster:

    az k8s-extension list --cluster-name <clusterName> --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --cluster-type managedClusters

Manage the offer lifecycle

For lifecycle management, an Azure Kubernetes offer is represented as a cluster extension for AKS. For more information, see Cluster extensions for AKS.

Purchasing an offer from Azure Marketplace creates a new instance of the extension on your AKS cluster. You can view the extension instance from the cluster by using the following command:

az k8s-extension show --name <extension-name> --cluster-name <clusterName> --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --cluster-type managedClusters

Monitor billing and usage information

To monitor billing and usage information for the offer that you deployed:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the page for your cluster's resource group.

  2. Select Cost Management > Cost analysis. Under Product, you can see a cost breakdown for the plan that you selected.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal page for a resource group, with billing information broken down by offer plan.

Remove an offer

You can delete a purchased plan for an Azure container offer by deleting the extension instance on the cluster. For example:

az k8s-extension delete --name <extension-name> --cluster-name <clusterName> --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --cluster-type managedClusters

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