Use a sample app with Azure App Spaces

This article describes how to deploy a sample app to Azure App Spaces. If you don't have your own repository, you can select one of the templates provided to provision new resources on Azure. For more information, see About Azure App Spaces.


To use a sample app for Azure App Spaces, you must have the following items:

Use a sample app

Do the following steps to deploy a sample app to App Spaces.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Enter App Spaces in the search box, and then select App Spaces.

  3. Select a sample app. For this example, we selected the Static Web App with Node.js API - Mongo DB template.

    Screenshot showing Static Web App option surrounded by red box.

  4. Select your organization and enter names for your new repository and App Space.

  5. Select your subscription, choose the region closest to your users for optimal performance, and then select Deploy App Space.

    Screenshot showing App Space details selections and Deploy App Space button highlighted with red box.

The sample web application code deploys to App Spaces.

For more information about managing App Spaces, see Manage components.