Oracle database migration: Cross-cloud connectivity

Azure ExpressRoute
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Network
Azure VPN Gateway

To support a multicloud experience, you can create a direct interconnection between Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) by using Azure ExpressRoute and FastConnect. The connection between the services allows applications hosted on Azure to communicate with Oracle database hosted on OCI. You can expect low latency and high throughput by connecting an ExpressRoute circuit in Azure with a FastConnect circuit in OCI.


An architecture diagram that shows teh Oracle cloud environment on the right and the Azure Virtual Machine environment on the left.


  1. Establish a connection between Azure ExpressRoute and OCI FastConnect.

  2. Your Azure application can communicate with your OCI-hosted Oracle database.



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Next steps

See Set up a direct interconnection between Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for step-by-step configuration instructions. Refer to the Important alert at the beginning of the article. It shows a list of Oracle applications that Oracle has certified to run in Azure when using the Azure/Oracle Cloud interconnect solution.


If this migration path doesn't seem like the right one for your business needs, refer back to the Migration decision tree.