Monitoring App Configuration data reference

This article is a reference for the monitoring data collected by App Configuration. See Monitoring App Configuration for a walk through on to collect and analyze monitoring data for App Configuration.


Resource Provider and Type: App Configuration Platform Metrics

Metric   Unit  Description
Http Incoming Request Count Count Total number of incoming Http Request
Http Incoming Request Duration Milliseconds Server side duration of an Http Request
Throttled Http Request Count Count Throttled requests are Http requests that receive a response with a status code of 429
Daily Storage Usage Percent Represents the amount of storage in use as a percentage of the maximum allowance. This metric is updated at least once daily.
Replication Latency Milliseconds Represents the average time it takes for a replica to be consistent with current state.

For more information, see a list of all platform metrics supported in Azure Monitor.

Metric Dimensions

App Configuration has the following dimensions associated with its metrics.

Metric Name  Dimension description 
Http Incoming Request Count  The supported dimensions are the HttpStatusCode, AuthenticationScheme, and Endpoint of each request. AuthenticationScheme can be filtered by AAD or HMAC authentication.
Http Incoming Request Duration  The supported dimensions are the HttpStatusCode, AuthenticationScheme, and Endpoint of each request. AuthenticationScheme can be filtered by AAD or HMAC authentication.
Throttled Http Request Count  The Endpoint of each request is included as a dimension.
Daily Storage Usage  This metric does not have any dimensions.
Replication Latency  The Endpoint of the replica that data was replicated to is included as a dimension.

For more information on what metric dimensions are, see Multi-dimensional metrics.

Resource logs

This section lists the category types of resource log collected for App Configuration. 

Resource log type   Further information
 HttpRequest   App Configuration Resource Log Category Information

For more information, see a list of all resource logs category types supported in Azure Monitor.  

Azure Monitor Logs tables

This section refers to all of the Azure Monitor Logs Kusto tables relevant to App Configuration and available for query by Log Analytics.

Resource type   Notes 
 AACHttpRequest   Entries of every Http request sent to a selected app configuration resource.
 AzureActivity  Entries from the Azure Activity log that provide insight into any subscription-level or management group level events that have occurred in Azure. 

For a reference of all Azure Monitor Logs / Log Analytics tables, see the Azure Monitor Log Table Reference.

Diagnostics tables

App Configuration uses the AACHttpRequest Table to store resource log information.

Http Requests

Property   Type  Description
Category string The log category of the event, always HttpRequest.
ClientIPAddress string IP Address of the client that sent the request.
ClientRequestId string Request ID provided by client.
CorrelationId string GUID for correlated logs.
DurationMs int The duration of the operation in milliseconds.
Method string HTTP Http request method (get or post)
RequestId string Unique request ID generated by server.
RequestLength int Length in bytes of the HTTP request.
RequestURI string URI of the request, can include key and label name.
_ResourceId string A unique identifier for the resource that the record is associated with
ResponseLength int Length in bytes of the HTTP response.
SourceSystem string
StatusCode int HTTP Status Code of the request.
TenantId string WorkspaceId of the request.
TimeGenerated datetime Timestamp (UTC) when log was generated because a request was sent
Type string The name of the table
UserAgent string User Agent provided by the client.

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