Azure Maps service geographic scope

Azure Maps is a global service that supports specifying a geographic scope, which allows you to limit data residency to the European (EU) or United States (US) geographic areas (geos). All requests (including input data) are stored exclusively in the specified geographic area. For more information on Azure regions and geographies, see Azure geographies.

Data locations

For disaster recovery and high availability, Microsoft may replicate customer data to other regions within the same geographic area. For example, if you use the Azure Maps Europe API geographic endpoint, your requests (including input data) are kept in an Azure datacenter in Europe. The only impact is where request data is saved, it doesn't limit the locations from which the customers, or their end users, may access customer data via Azure Maps API.

Geographic API endpoint mapping

The following table describes the mapping between geography and supported Azure geographic API endpoint. For example, if you want all Azure Maps Search Address requests to be processed and stored within the European Azure geography, use the endpoint.

Azure Geographic areas (geos) API geographic endpoint
United States


When using the Azure Government cloud, use the endpoint. For more information, see Azure Government cloud support.

URL example for geographic mapping

The following code snippet is an example of the Search - Get Search Address request:

GET https://{geography}{format}?api-version=1.0&query={query}

In the previous URL, to ensure data residency remains in Europe for the Azure Maps API calls (and input data) replace {geography} with eu:


Additional information

For information on limiting what regions a SAS token can use in, see Authentication with Azure Maps.