Indoor Module release notes

This document contains information about new features and other changes to the Azure Maps Indoor Module.


Changes (0.2.3)

  • Improve rendering performance by reading facility-level data from the style metadata when available.


Changes (0.2.2)

  • Performance improvements in dynamic styling updates.

Bug fixes (0.2.2)


New features (0.2.1)

  • multiple statesets are now supported for map configurations with multiple tileset, instead of single stateset ID, a mapping between tileset IDs and stateset ids can be passed:

      statesetId: {
        'tilesetId1': 'stasetId1',
        'tilesetId2': 'stasetId2'
  • autofocus and autofocusOptions support: when you set autofocus on IndoorManagerOptions, the camera is focused on the indoor facilities once the indoor map is loaded. Camera options can be further customized via autofocus options:

      autofocus: true,
      autofocusOptions: {
        padding: { top: 50, bottom: 50, left: 50, right: 50 }
  • focusCamera support: instead of autofocus, you can call focusCamera directly. (Alternative to autofocus, when indoor map configuration is used, tilesetId can be provided to focus on a specific facility only, otherwise bounds that enclose all facilities are used):

       type: 'ease',
       duration: 1000,
       padding: { top: 50, bottom: 50, left: 50, right: 50 }
  • level name labels in LevelControl (in addition to ordinal, LevelControl can now display level names derived from 'name' property of level features):

      levelControl: new LevelControl({ levelLabel: 'name' })

Changes (0.2.1)

  • non level-bound features are now displayed

Bug fixes (0.2.1)

  • fix facility state not initialized when tile loads don't emit sourcedata event

  • level preference sorting fixed


New features (0.2.0)

  • Support for new drawing package 2.0 derived tilesets.

  • Support the possibility to select a facility when clicking on a feature that doesn't contain a facilityId, but has a levelId so that the facility can be inferred from the levelId.

Changes (0.2.0)

  • Performance improvements for level picker and indoor manager.

  • Revamp of how level filters are applied to indoor style layers.

Bug fixes (0.2.0)

  • Fix slider not updating when changing level in the level picker when used inside the shadow dom of a custom element.

  • Fix exception on disabling of dynamic styling.

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