Web SDK supported browsers

The Azure Maps Web SDK provides a helper function called atlas.isSupported. This function detects whether a web browser has the minimum set of WebGL features required to support loading and rendering the map control. Here's an example of how to use the function:

if (!atlas.isSupported()) {
    alert('Your browser is not supported by Azure Maps');
} else if (!atlas.isSupported(true)) {
    alert('Your browser is supported by Azure Maps, but may have major performance caveats.');
} else {
    // Your browser is supported. Add your map code here.


The Azure Maps Web SDK supports the following desktop browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (current and previous version)
  • Google Chrome (current and previous version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current and previous version)
  • Apple Safari (macOS X) (current and previous version)

See also Target legacy browsers later in this article.


The Azure Maps Web SDK supports the following mobile browsers:

  • Android
    • Current version of Chrome on Android 6.0 and later
    • Chrome WebView on Android 6.0 and later
  • iOS
    • Mobile Safari on the current and previous major version of iOS
    • UIWebView and WKWebView on the current and previous major version of iOS
    • Current version of Chrome for iOS


If you're embedding a map inside a mobile application by using a WebView control, you might prefer to use the npm package of the Azure Maps Web SDK instead of referencing the version of the SDK that's hosted on Azure Content Delivery Network. This approach reduces loading time because the SDK is already be on the user's device and doesn't need to be downloaded at run time.


The following Web SDK modules are also supported in Node.js:

Target legacy browsers

You might want to target older browsers that don't support WebGL or that have only limited support for it. In such cases, you can use Azure Maps services together with an open-source map control like Leaflet.

The Render Azure Maps in Leaflet Azure Maps sample shows how to render Azure Maps Raster Tiles in the Leaflet JS map control. This sample uses the open source Azure Maps Leaflet plugin. For the source code for this sample, see Render Azure Maps in Leaflet sample source code.

For more code samples using Azure Maps in Leaflet, see Azure Maps Samples.

For a list of third-party map control plug-ins, see Azure Maps community - Open-source projects.

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