Profile live Azure Functions app with Application Insights

In this article, you'll use the Azure portal to:

  • View the current app settings for your Functions app.
  • Add two new app settings to enable Profiler on the Functions app.
  • Navigate to the Profiler for your Functions app to view data.


You can enable the Application Insights Profiler for Azure Functions apps on the App Service plan.


App settings for enabling Profiler

App Setting Value
DiagnosticServices_EXTENSION_VERSION ~3

Add app settings to your Azure Functions app

From your Functions app overview page in the Azure portal:

  1. Under Settings, select Configuration.

    Screenshot of selecting Configuration from under the Settings section of the left side menu.

  2. In the Application settings tab, verify the APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY setting is included in the settings list.

    Screenshot showing the App Insights Instrumentation Key setting in the list.

  3. Select New application setting.

    Screenshot outlining the new application setting button.

  4. Copy the App Setting and its Value from the table above and paste into the corresponding fields.

    Screenshot adding the app insights profiler feature version setting.

    Screenshot adding the diagnostic services extension version setting.

    Leave the Deployment slot setting blank for now.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save in the top menu, then Continue.

    Screenshot outlining the save button in the top menu of the configuration pane.

    Screenshot outlining the continue button in the dialog after saving.

The app settings now show up in the table:

Screenshot showing the two new app settings in the table on the configuration pane.


You can also enable Profiler using:

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