Manage volumes in an application volume group

You can manage a volume from its volume group. You can resize, delete, or change throughput for the volume.


  1. From your NetApp account, select Application volume groups. Click a volume group to display the volumes in the group. Select the volume you want to resize, delete, or change throughput. The volume overview will be displayed.

    Screenshot that shows Application Volume Groups overview page.

    1. To resize the volume, click Resize and specify the quota in GiB.

    Screenshot that shows the Update Volume Quota window.

    1. To change the throughput for the volume, click Change throughput and specify the intended throughput in MiB/s.

    Screenshot that shows the Change Throughput window.

    1. To delete the volume in the volume group, click Delete. If you are prompted, type the volume name to confirm the deletion.


    The volume deletion operation cannot be undone.

    Screenshot that shows the Delete Volume window.

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