Troubleshoot application volume group errors

This article describes errors or warnings you might experience when using application volume groups and suggests possible remedies.

Errors creating replication

Error Message Resolution
Out of storage capacity when creating a volume group with close proximity to compute.
Error message: No storage available with network locality that matches the provided Proximity Placement Group.
The error indicates that there are insufficient resources available under the user-provided proximity placement group (PPG).
You should use the SAP HANA pinning process by using the SAP HANA VM pinning request form to ensure that enough resources are available.
Deployment failed with error message:
Template parameter Token type is not valid. Expected 'Integer'. Actual 'Float'.
When application volume group calculates the size, it will show the values for all volumes in the Volumes tab. For very small HANA systems, some of the volumes are displayed as floating point values. The deployment will fail if the final size is not an integer GB number.
If you look into volume details for these volumes, the floating point values will be rounded automatically to integer to avoid this deployment error.

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