Solution architectures using Azure NetApp Files

Azure NetApp Files is an enterprise storage service that offers an ideal landing zone component in Azure to accelerate and simplify the migration of various workload categories. Azure NetApp Files provides a high-performance, scalable, and secure storage service for running mission-critical applications and workloads in Azure.

For businesses looking to migrate their applications and workloads to Azure, Azure NetApp Files provides a seamless experience for migrating Windows Apps and SQL server, Linux OSS Apps and Databases, and SAP on Azure. Azure NetApp Files' integration with Azure services makes the migration process easy, enabling users to move their workloads from on-premises to the cloud with minimal effort.

In addition to migration, Azure NetApp Files provides a platform for running specialized workloads in High-Performance Computing (HPC) like Analytics, Oil and Gas, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA). These specialized workloads require high-performance computing resources, and Azure NetApp Files’ scalable and high-performance file storage solution provides the ideal platform for running these workloads in Azure. Azure NetApp Files also supports running Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix, as well as Azure VMware Solution with guest OS mounts and datastores.

Azure NetApp Files’ integration with Azure native services like Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Batch, and Azure Machine Learning provides users with a seamless experience and enables them to leverage the full power of Azure's cloud-native services. This integration allows businesses to run their workloads in a scalable, secure, and highly performant environment, providing them with the confidence they need to run mission-critical workloads in the cloud.

The following diagram depicts the categorization of reference architectures, blueprints and solutions on this page as laid out in the above introduction:

Azure NetApp Files key use cases Solution architecture categories.

In summary, Azure NetApp Files is a versatile and scalable storage service that provides an ideal platform for migrating various workload categories, running specialized workloads, and integrating with Azure native services. Azure NetApp Files’ high-performance, security, and scalability features make it a reliable choice for businesses looking to run their applications and workloads in Azure.

Linux OSS Apps and Database solutions

This section provides references for solutions for Linux OSS applications and databases.

Linux OSS Apps


Financial analytics and trading

Product Lifecycle Management

Machine Learning


Mainframe refactor

Windows Apps and SQL Server solutions

This section provides references for Windows applications and SQL Server solutions.

File sharing and Global File Caching

SQL Server

SAP on Azure solutions

This section provides references to SAP on Azure solutions.

Generic SAP and SAP Netweaver




SAP tech community and blog posts

Azure VMware Solution solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions

This section provides references for Virtual Desktop infrastructure solutions.

Azure Virtual Desktop


HPC solutions

This section provides references for High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

Generic HPC

Oil and gas

Electronic design automation (EDA)


Azure platform services solutions

This section provides solutions for Azure platform services.

Azure Kubernetes Services and Kubernetes

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Red Hat Openshift

Azure Batch