Configure ADDS LDAP over TLS for Azure NetApp Files

You can use LDAP over TLS to secure communication between an Azure NetApp Files volume and the Active Directory LDAP server. You can enable LDAP over TLS for NFS, SMB, and dual-protocol volumes of Azure NetApp Files.


  • LDAP over TLS must not be enabled if you are using Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS). AADDS uses LDAPS (port 636) to secure LDAP traffic instead of LDAP over TLS (port 389).

Generate and export root CA certificate

If you do not have a root CA certificate, you need to generate one and export it for use with LDAP over TLS authentication.

  1. Follow Install the Certification Authority to install and configure ADDS Certificate Authority.

  2. Follow View certificates with the MMC snap-in to use the MMC snap-in and the Certificate Manager tool.
    Use the Certificate Manager snap-in to locate the root or issuing certificate for the local device. You should run the Certificate Management snap-in commands from one of the following settings:

    • A Windows-based client that has joined the domain and has the root certificate installed
    • Another machine in the domain containing the root certificate
  3. Export the root CA certificate.
    Root CA certificates can be exported from the Personal or Trusted Root Certification Authorities directory, as shown in the following examples:
    screenshot that shows personal certificates
    screenshot that shows trusted root certification authorities

    Ensure that the certificate is exported in the Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER) format:

    Certificate Export Wizard

Enable LDAP over TLS and upload root CA certificate

  1. Go to the NetApp account that is used for the volume, and click Active Directory connections. Then, click Join to create a new AD connection or Edit to edit an existing AD connection.

  2. In the Join Active Directory or Edit Active Directory window that appears, select the LDAP over TLS checkbox to enable LDAP over TLS for the volume. Then click Server root CA Certificate and upload the generated root CA certificate to use for LDAP over TLS.

    Screenshot that shows the LDAP over TLS option

    Ensure that the certificate authority name can be resolved by DNS. This name is the "Issued By" or "Issuer" field on the certificate:

    Screenshot that shows certificate information

If you uploaded an invalid certificate, and you have existing AD configurations, SMB volumes, or Kerberos volumes, an error similar to the following occurs:

Error updating Active Directory settings The LDAP client configuration "ldapUserMappingConfig" for Vservers is an invalid configuration.

To resolve the error condition, upload a valid root CA certificate to your NetApp account as required by the Windows Active Directory LDAP server for LDAP authentication.

Disable LDAP over TLS

Disabling LDAP over TLS stops encrypting LDAP queries to Active Directory (LDAP server). There are no other precautions or impact on existing ANF volumes.

  1. Go to the NetApp account that is used for the volume and click Active Directory connections. Then click Edit to edit the existing AD connection.

  2. In the Edit Active Directory window that appears, deselect the LDAP over TLS checkbox and click Save to disable LDAP over TLS for the volume.

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