Configure Unix permissions and change ownership mode for NFS and dual-protocol volumes

For Azure NetApp Files NFS volumes or dual-protocol volumes with the Unix security style, you have the option to set the Unix permissions and the change ownership mode (Chown Mode) options. You can specify these settings during volume creation or after volume creation.

Unix permissions

The Azure NetApp Files Unix Permissions functionality enables you to specify change permissions for the mount path. The setting does not apply to the files under the mount path.

The Unix permissions setting is set to 0770 by default. This default setting grants read, write, and execute permissions to the owner and the group, but no permissions are granted to other users.

You can specify a custom Unix permissions value (for example, 0755) to give the desired permission to the owner, group, or other users.

Change ownership mode

The change ownership mode (Chown Mode) functionality enables you to set the ownership management capabilities of files and directories. You can specify or modify the setting under a volume's export policy. Two options for Chown Mode are available:

  • Restricted (default) - Only the root user can change the ownership of files and directories.
  • Unrestricted - Non-root users can change the ownership for files and directories that they own.


  • The Unix permissions you specify apply only for the volume mount point (root directory).
  • You can modify the Unix permissions on the source volume but not on the destination volume that is in a cross-region replication configuration.


  1. You can specify the Unix permissions and change ownership mode (Chown Mode) settings under the Protocol tab when you create an NFS volume or create a dual-protocol volume.

    The following example shows the Create a Volume screen for an NFS volume.

    Screenshots that shows the Create a Volume screen for NFS.

  2. For existing NFS or dual-protocol volumes, you can set or modify Unix permissions and change ownership mode as follows:

    1. To modify Unix permissions, right-click the volume, and select Edit. In the Edit window that appears, specify a value for Unix Permissions.
      Screenshots that shows the Edit screen for Unix permissions.

    2. To modify the change ownership mode, click the volume, click Export policy, then modify the Chown Mode setting.
      Screenshots that shows the Export Policy screen.

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