Recover a deleted dashboard in the Azure portal

If you're in the global Azure cloud, and you delete a published dashboard in the Azure portal, you can recover that dashboard within 7 days of the delete. If you're in an Azure Government cloud or the dashboard isn't published, you cannot recover it, and you must rebuild it. For more information about publishing a dashboard, see Publish dashboard. Follow these steps to recover a published dashboard:

  1. From the Azure portal menu, select Resource groups, then select the resource group where you published the dashboard (by default, it's named dashboards).

  2. Under Activity log, expand the Delete Dashboard operation. Select the Change history tab, then select <deleted resource>.

    Screenshot of change history tab

  3. Select and copy the contents of the left pane, then save to a text file with a .json file extension. The portal uses the JSON file to re-create the dashboard.

    Screenshot of change history diff

  4. From the Azure portal menu, select Dashboards, then select Upload.

    Screenshot of dashboard upload

  5. Select the JSON file you saved. The portal re-creates the dashboard with the same name and elements as the deleted dashboard.

  6. Select Share to publish the dashboard and re-establish the appropriate access control.

    Screenshot of dashboard share