Azure AI Video Indexer failover and disaster recovery


Due to the Azure Media Services retirement announcement, Azure AI Video Indexer announces Azure AI Video Indexer features adjustments. See Changes related to Azure Media Service (AMS) retirement to understand what this means for your Azure AI Video Indexer account. See the Preparing for AMS retirement: VI update and migration guide.

Azure AI Video Indexer doesn't provide instant failover of the service if there's a regional datacenter outage or failure. This article explains how to configure your environment for a failover to ensure optimal availability for apps and minimized recovery time if a disaster occurs.

We recommend that you configure business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) across regional pairs to benefit from Azure's isolation and availability policies. For more information, see Azure paired regions.


An Azure subscription. If you don't have an Azure subscription yet, sign up for Azure free trial.

Fail over to a secondary account

To implement BCDR, you need to have two Azure AI Video Indexer accounts to handle redundancy.

  1. Create two Azure AI Video Indexer accounts connected to Azure (see Create an Azure AI Video Indexer account). Create one account for your primary region and the other to the paired Azure region.
  2. If there's a failure in your primary region, switch to indexing using the secondary account.


You can automate BCDR by setting up activity log alerts for service health notifications as per Create activity log alerts on service notifications.

For information about using multiple tenants, see Manage multiple tenants. To implement BCDR, choose one of these two options: Azure AI Video Indexer account per tenant or Azure subscription per tenant.