Configure NSX-T Data Center network components using Azure VMware Solution

An Azure VMware Solution private cloud comes with NSX-T Data Center by default. The private cloud comes pre-provisioned with an NSX-T Data Center Tier-0 gateway in Active/Active mode and a default NSX-T Data Center Tier-1 gateway in Active/Standby mode. These gateways let you connect the segments (logical switches) and provide East-West and North-South connectivity.

After deploying Azure VMware Solution, you can configure the necessary NSX-T Data Center objects from the Azure portal. It presents a simplified view of NSX-T Data Center operations a VMware administrator needs daily and is targeted at users not familiar with NSX-T Manager.

You'll have four options to configure NSX-T Data Center components in the Azure VMware Solution console:


You'll still have access to the NSX-T Manager console, where you can use the advanced settings mentioned and other NSX-T Data Center features.