Service availability and roadmaps

For products and services available in Azure China, refer to products available by region. For minor differences in services, please see the details below.

CDN in China

Azure China CDN focuses the scope in China, which public Azure doesn’t cover. It has CDN vendors from China.

The Smart Route in Azure China CDN chooses the best CDN vendor for the customer’s content delivery per region.

For pricing details, see Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Free circuit for ExpressRoute in China

Azure China ExpressRoute provides a free circuit on the following paired regions: China North - China North 2, and China East - China East 2. You can use China East 2 resources through ExpressRoute on East 1 for free. The network latency is minimal, similar to being within one region.

The ExpressRoute crossover of N1-E2, E1-N2 requires ExpressRoute Premium. You're charged for the crossover data transfer, the same as public Azure.

For pricing details, see ExpressRoute.

Azure Stack

Azure Stack software and functions combine with Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet to provide Chinese customers with a truly consistent hybrid cloud solution.

Azure Stack and Azure China are both covered in one OSPA. You can purchase Azure Stack through 2 models: Consumption and Capacity. The Consumption model shares one Monetary Commitment pool in OSPA.

Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB)

Windows Server virtual machines AHB and Azure SQL Database AHB are supported.