Develop digital inventions in Azure

Azure can help accelerate the development of each area of digital invention. This digital best practices section of the Cloud Adoption Framework builds on the Innovate methodology. It shows how you can combine Azure services to create a toolchain for digital invention.

Alignment to the methodology

There are many combinations of cloud-based tools for digital invention and innovation within Azure. The following image shows an overview of how different digital invention tools align to each type of innovation.

Diagram that shows the Cloud Adoption Framework innovate toolchain.


The following article series demonstrates a few of the best practices and tools that closely align with the Innovate methodology. To test your hypothesis, start with the overview page of the type of digital invention you require. The overview page has the best practice guidance to act on so that you can build with customer empathy.

Here are the types of digital invention in this article series:

  • Democratize data: Tools for sharing data to solve information-related customer needs.
  • Engage via applications: Tools to create applications that engage customers beyond raw data.
  • Empower adoption: Tools to accelerate customer adoption through digital support for your build-measure-learn cycles.
  • Interact with devices: Tools to create different levels of ambient experiences for your customers.
  • Predict and influence: Tools for predictive analysis and integration of their output into applications.